NM Legacy Sdn Bhd (NML) has decided to introduce IBS system construction method as part of its plan to provide maximum cost saving house/building construction for all of its clients while maintaining excellent quality and satisfaction. This IBS system is a new way to ensure that actually to own a dream house, clients don't have to spend a lot of money! Lets have a look at our IBS system to know more.


A concrete block is sometimes known as concrete masonry unit (CMU), they can be solid or hollow and is available in many shapes and sizes. Concrete Blocks are used for engineering and architectural purposes.

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This concrete masonry unit (CMU) or commonly referred to as Concrete Blocks are produced under very stringent requirements in compliance to SIRIM Product Certification processes, IBS Status Certification by CIDB and Fire Resistance rating approved by Bomba.

In order to maintain and enhance customer confidence, our products have to meet high consistency and quality standards. We are fully committed to ensure that our concrete blocks production processes satisfy all quality requirements under ISO 9001- Quality Management System.

Cost Effective and Time Saving

Cost-effective & Time-saving

Our selection of concrete blocks are designed to be a high quality alternative to conventional construction methods by replacing common bricks & cast in-situ reinforced concrete structure. In most circumstances is faster and cost saving compared to conventional construction while the material properties are equal, if not better than common bricks

Structural Strenght

Structural Strength

Strict adherence to approved manufacturing processes at our selected factory of which produces high quality and high-strength CMU compliant to BS EN 771-3:2011

Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance

Our concrete blocks are incombustible, rarely damaged by fire, do not buckle like steel, do not spall like reinforced concrete and do not burn like timber. These are tested in accordance to BS 476: Part 2: 1987 & ASTM Standard E2226-10 and is approved by Bomba for Malaysia and SCDF - BCA for Singapore.

Thermal Comfort

Thermal Comfort

The presence of dead air trapped in the cavities of CMU provides natural thermal insulation. In hot tropical climatic temperatures, the interior of a CMU constructed building is cooler and more comfortable compared to a conventional brick building.

Noise Resistance

Noise Resistance


Due to the air cavities and high concrete density, CMU will offer effective noise insulation against medium to high range frequencies, this will result in a quiet and peaceful working/living environment.

Low Water Absorption

Low Water Absorption

Our advanced manufacturing process creates concrete blocks with low permeability in order to minimize water penetration. Our manufacturer's special low moisture batching control also reduces the rate of drying shrinkage.

Eco Friendly.png

Eco - Friendly


We are aware of the need to be environmentally conscious, thus the compliance to international green standards. We are continuously seeking to balance our aim of increasing productivity without forsaking our intention of being environmentally conscious. Our manufacturing partner to produce the concrete block is accredited under ISO 14001:Environmental Management System & Singapore Green Label.

IBS Accreditation CIDB.png

IBS Accreditation by CIDB

Our concrete block is a tested and proven IBS System and our manufacturing partner is rated as a category A IBS manufacturer. Our CMU have achieved a range of scoring points in the structural, wall, and components for simplified construction solutions as defined by CIDB. Load bearing blockwork system can score up to 0.8 IBS factor for structural component, 0.5 factor in the wall category and an additional 8 points in the components for simplified construction solutions.


CMU Product Catalogue

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CMU first layer guide

Concrete block laying guide

Concrete block cutting guide